With Love…

With Love…

We love hosting our guests! And we love it even more to see our love and hospitality being accepted, embraced and reciprocated. 

Every guest leaves some marks on us and we cherish the memories made.

Mr. Christopher and his family are one family that we can never forget. Loving, warm and genuine.

Given is a sketch of our home drawn lovingly by Joel, Mr. Christopher’s son as we were sitting and chatting one evening. You see we struck a chord with Mr. Christopher even before he arrived at our doorstep. The family had been travelling by road all the way from Chennai and needed some guidance to get to Darjeeling. They arrived at Siliguri late in the night. When they called us at around 1 a.m. in the morning, I told them that the hilly roads would not be safe in the night especially as the person driving was from the plains and would not be used to the winding roads of the hilly terrain. Having said that, I arranged for their stay in a hotel in Siliguri (where i usually stay myself) and asked them to come in the morning. This, according to us, is a very simple gesture and the least we could do to help a family in an unknown city in the middle of the night. Little did we know that this would spark a relationship that we believe will last for a lifetime

Mr. Christopher, It was a privilege to host you and your family. Hope to see you again!

Best Wishes from all of here at Nestle

” Dear Mr. ad Mrs. Pradhan,

We were really moved by your care towards us in our journey even without seeing each other.


We thought “a person with honesty lives among people where it is difficult to find people with humanity.”

 After visiting Nestle Homestay – a place where kids are protected under the care of their parents, we felt like we were protected by your care hospitality and guidance. Both my kids remembered their grandparents. They showed the same love and respect that they show their grandparents. I am very happy to have a family in Darjeeling. May God bless you all with peace and prosperity in the year ahead. You are always remembered in our family prayers.

 Thank you for your love.”

Christopher, Ganesh, Anita, James and Joel

Chennai Velachery, India




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