The homely and commendable accommodations will ensure that your trip to Darjeeling is nothing short of ‘a home away from home’ experience.


The homestay is a 3 bedroom house with a hall, a kitchen, terrace and 3 bathrooms. Currently only suite available (with fully furnished kitchen).

Meals (Not available due to COVID-19)

Your meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner) will come from the host’s kitchen which means that it will be fresh and as if you were having it in your own house. You are most welcome to join them in the kitchen and learn local cuisines. Besides you also always have the option of breaking bread with your host anytime.


Note: We do not provide liquor/hard beverages. Please understand that we are a family and our lifestyle does not include smoking or drinking. We would appreciate if you would abstain from both in the house premises.


The drive from the homestay to the main motor stand is under 5 mins.

Taxi services will be available on prior booking for any local sight seeing for journeys to and fro from the airport (Bagdorga)/Railway Station (Siliguri).

Internet (wifi)

The homestay has 24/7 internet connectivity.


Just in case you have a lazy day you can always unwind and relax in front of the TV. :)

Mini Library and Games (Not accessible due to COVID-19)

Just in case you want to spend the afternoon reading, we have a mini library with a wide range of reading material. You can also spend time with your family playing some indoor games like carom or chess :)